Arts Santa Mònica

Convent de Santa Mònica de Barcelona

Located at La Rambla, 7-9, Arts Santa Mònica occupies the old Convent de Santa Mònica, which gives its name to this section of The Ramblas.

Not really a museum as it doesn't have a permanent exhibition, in its own publicity, Arts Santa Mònica describes itself as a centre for the dissemination and study of projects that combine arts, sciences and technology.

The exhibitions and activities change each season and are eclectic to say the least.

Given my rowdy past, one of the exhibitions I've most enjoyed over the last few years was called The London Punk Tapes and combined sound recordings of early punk gigs with film and photographs.

Just by way of example, this spring there's an exhibition of War Photographs, another called Postphotography in the Era of Internet and the Mobile Phone and a third on Inter Design.

There is also a broad programme of talks and round tables and there's also a Festival of Video Art coming up.

Furthermore, the space is is an extraordinary combination of old and new with the cloister of the ancient convent contrasting with modern areas such as the kiosk or the balcony on La Rambla.

As entrance is free, it is always well-worth paying a visit.

I tend to just pop in whenever I'm in the area but you can find out what's currently showing by visiting the Arts Santa Mònica web page.

The Convent of Santa Mònica

Although little remains, the building is centred on the old Convent de Santa Mònica founded by the Barefoot Augustinians in 1636.

The Convent survived the Burning of the Churches in 1835 but fell into decline after the Ecclesiastical Confiscations known as the Desamortización and became a parish church.

It was almost completely left in ruins in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War but the current renovation from 1987 by Albert and David Viaplana makes use of core structures such as the cloister.

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