48h Open House Barcelona

A Weekend of Incredible Architectural Visits: 
October 20th-21st 2018

48h Open House Barcelona is the city's main date with its own architecture and in 2018 Barcelonans have the chance to visit more than 150 of its most impressive buildings on the weekend of October 20th and 21st.

The event began in London in 1992, and since then there are now 'Open House' events around the world in New York, Dublin, Galway, Tel Aviv and since 2010 it has also been held Barcelona on a weekend in late October. 'Open House' offers a special way to understand and experience architecture. The activities for Open House invite everyone to explore and understand a well-built and well-designed space.

48H OPEN HOUSE BCN is a non-profit project open to everyone, but it is aimed particularly at Barcelona residents, that uses different social, technical and artistic agents to open up the city's great architecture to the general public. The objective is to allow people to live the architecture of Barcelona by giving them the chance to revisit it.

If you visit the Official 48h Open House Barcelona Website you'll find a full list of the 150 buildings you can visit on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2018 plus an interactive map so you can easily find the buildings close to you.


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