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Yesterday Jordi Vilanova and I completed our fourth This Week in Catalan Politics show on BarcelonaCityFM and this morning I was the first caller on Jim Kent's first live breakfast show - both events have got me thinking.

A little over a month ago, on Wednesday 27th January to be precise,  I went into the BarcelonaCityFM studio on Carrer del Princep de Vianna in El Raval and spoke to station owner, Jim Kent, for the first time.

Quite a lot has happened since then ...


First Impressions

When I first walked through the door, BarcelonaCityFM seemed to be not much more than a good idea, backed by a very basic infrastructure to make it possible, but as I'm easily convinced by good ideas and Jim Kent seemed committed, dynamic and with enough past experience to make a new project work, I decided to plough on.

I was offering my knowledge of the Catalan political scene and some decent local contacts in return for learning how to anchor a radio show and so This Week in Catalan Politics on BarcelonaCityFM was born.

Quite quickly, I had my good friend Jordi Vilanova on board as co-presenter and we recorded the first show without guests at 9.30 am on the following Wednesday (February 3rd).

Since then we've been gone out live at 12 o'clock noon on Wednesdays and our guests have been American political scientist Mark McNaught, Catalan journalist AdriĆ  Alsina and Miquel Strubell, who is an Anglo-Catalan sociolinguist, and founder of the pro-independence Catalan National Assembly, better known as the Assemblea Nacional Catalana or ANC in Catalan.

To be perfectly honest, when we first started This Week in Catalan Politics, I was reasonably confident that we'd be able to come up with enough interesting content to fill an hour so my concerns were mainly technical.

I needed to be equally confident of the technical side and was worried about moving the faders at the right time, syncing my intro to the start of the song, making sure the microphone didn't distort and then recording and uploading the song to our This Week in Catalan Politics page on Mixcloud.

Thankfully, Jordi's been a great help with the social media side and now we've got a This Week in Catalan Politics Facebook Page and a dedicated Catalan Politics Twitter account so please feel free to follow us on both.

Moving Forward

However, tuning into to Jim's first live morning show this morning made me realise that it's definitely to time to move up a step and make things more professional.

I'll definitely be tuning in regularly because Jim is an experienced professional speaking very clearly to, at least a part of, This Week in Catalan Politics' potential audience.

His tone is bright and airy, his links are seamless and he covers a series of topics without going into too much detail and so come across as knowing what he's talking about.

Obviously, there's a big difference between music radio and talk radio but there are also enough similarities for there to be important lessons to be learnt.

So my conclusion is that, having established theme and topic and overcome the most serious techical difficulties, it's now time to start thinking more deeply about, and speaking more directly to, our audience.

In order to help us do that, whether you're a BarcelonaCityFM presenter or listener, it would be great to get some feedback.

You can add ideas via the comment boxes below or even better, why not write a full article with photos? Feel free to add links to your webpage or BarcelonaCityFM profile page and I'll add the necessary HTML later.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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