An Important Wine-Producing Centre Very Close to Barcelona

Alella is a village in the comarca of El Maresme with a population of a little under 10,000 people, which is located on the coast on the south-west side of the granite Litoral mountain range. 

The town is known for its wines, cava and perfumes, but is also a commuter town for nearby Barcelona, which is just 15 kilometres down the coast, making it perfect for day trips. 

The Via Augusta, the old Roman Road that went from Rome to Andalusia, is still a narrow road running through the village today so there has probably been a settlement in the area since then as wines from the coast north of Barcelona were known in Roman times.

The first mention of the parish of Sant Feliu d'Alella dates back to a land sale document in 975 and another in 993. Some time later the village became the property of the Counts of Barcelona and by the 16th century had its own nobility under the auspices of the House of Alella.

In 1714, following the War of the Spanish Succession much of the private land in Alella was confiscated because of the people's support for Archduke Carles and in the Decree of the Nova Planta, the parish became a municipality. 

In 1889, early in the reign of King Alfonso XIII the title of Marquis of Alella was created for Camil Fabra i Fontanills and the current incumbent is Joan Peláez i Fabra, who has been Marquis of Alella since 1967.

Today Alella is a delightful place to visit and as the centre of DO Alella with its urban vineyards, specialised shops and Enoteque, an excellent location from which to set out on some Enotourism or visit the Parc de la Serralada Litoral. 


Alella Festivals

The Festa Major of Alella is in honour of Sant Feliu and is celebrated on the days around his Saints' Day on August 1st.

In September, there is a festival celebrating the vendimia or grape harvest and on the second Sunday of June, Alella holds the aplec d'arròs, a gastronomic competition of rice dishes. 

Getting to Alella

By Road: Carretera Nacional II: from Girona and Barcelona or Autopista C-32: Exit 86 Alella-El Masnou, from Barcelona and Mataró

By Train: You can take the Rodalies R1 Line to Masnou and then take a bus or taxi

By Bus: The Sagales Bus Company runs a number of services from central Barcelona to Alella

Ajuntament de Alella

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Alella on the Ajuntament de Alella Website.

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