Alfons II the Liberal or the Frank

Mediterranean Expansion Continues

Alfons II the Liberal (1285-1291) was born in Valencia on November 4th 1265 and succeeded his father, Pere II the Great, to the thrones of Catalonia, Mallorca, Valencia and Aragon, of which he was Alifonso III, in 1285 while his brother Jaume acceeded to the throne of Sicily.

His six-year reign was conditioned by the Sicilian conflict, which obliged him to cede power to the Aragonese and Catalan nobles in order to be able to confront external pressures. For this reason, Alfons pursued intelligent diplomatic policies, which ended up improving the Crown of Aragon's relationship with France and the Pope.

The result was the Treaty of Brinhòlas (Brignoles), by which Alfons II's excommunication was removed in return for withdrawing his support from his brother Jaume and convincing him to return Sicily to the Holy See.

The results weren't completely successful because the Catalan representative weren't prepared to cede Mallorca but even so the Treaty of Brinhòlas is considered the first step in finding a definive solution to the conflict.

Furthermore, during the reign of Alfons II Menorca was conquered definitively and as a result, Mahon achieved great importance as a stopping off port for ships on their way to Sicily. 

Alfons II died without heir on June 18th 1291 and was succeeded by his brother Jaume.


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