Casino l'Aliança del Poblenou

150 Years of Culture in Sant Martí

Located on the lovey Rambla in the heart of the increasingly fashionable neighbourhood of Poblenou, the Casino l'Aliança del Poblenou was founded as a social and cultural club or ateneu in 1868 and is a classic Barcelona institution.

For the last century and a half, the Casino l'Aliança has been home to the Cor Apolo choir, one of the celebrated Cors Clavé, an early cinema and an excellent library, so it has performed a central role in the community life of the District of Sant Martí and continues to do so to this day.

The current building has a large theatre, which doubles as a dancehall and concert venue, so the Casino is able to programme a wide variety of activities.

So La Aliança de Poblenou is part community centre but is definitely worth checking out for concerts and shows, especially if you live or are staying the area,


Getting to Casino l'Aliança del Poblenou

Casino l'Aliança del Poblenou
Rambla del Poblenou, 42
08005 Barcelona


Metro Llacuna, Metro Poblenou - Yellow L4 Line

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