Antoni Julià de Capmany

CF Barcelona Management Committee President 1961

Following the resignation of Francesc Miró-Sans as FC Barcelona President on March 1st 1961, a management committee presided by Antoni Julià de Capmany took control of the club and handled business until the presidential elections on June 7th.

The other members of the committee were vicepresident Artur Suqué,  treasurer Enric Verdú, vicetreasurer Jaume Amat, accountant Fabià Estapé, viceaccountant Xavier Font, secretary Joaquim Viola, vicesecretary Artur Martí Cot and board members Josep Oller, Joan Maria Xiol, Joan Escribà, Miquel Viader i Baldomer Cabré, Albert Pons, Jordi Rottier, Enric Tolosa, Climent Vidal and Vicenç Carrés.

This committee was faced with both a sporting and financial crisis and was forced to transfer star plar Luis Suárez to Inter Milan for the record sum of 25 million pesetas.

The transfer was finalised on May 26th 1961, five days before the European Cup final in Berne between CF Barcelona and Benfica, which Barça ended up losing 3-2.

On June 7th, presidential elections were held and the management committee handed over the running of the club to Enric Laudet.


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