Arcadi Balaguer i Costa

FC Barcelona President 1925-29

Born in Castelldefels in 1886, Arcadi Balaguer i Costa became FC Barcelona President as a result of club founder Joan Gamper's forced resignation following the incident involving the British Royal Navy band and the booing of the Spanish National Anthem by Barcelona supporters at the Camp de Les Corts.

Receiving the title of Baron de Ovilvar from 1930 onwards, Balaguer i Costa was an aristocrat, monarchist and personal friend of Miguel Primo de Rivera, the Spanish military dictator who had forced Gamper's resignation and exile and who also closed the Camp de Les Corts for 6 months.

Balaguer was also on close terms with King Alfonso XIII and his personal influence managed to soften the sanctions against the club with FC Barcelona playing its first game back at the Camp de Les Corts on Christmas Day 1925.


Although designated by the regime, Arcadi Balaguer was a committed Barcelona supporter and so was the ideal candidate to take over the reins of the club in Gamper's absence, which he did on December 17th 1925, as the relations between the FC Barcelona and the regime would have been much more difficult without him.

During Balaguer's term of office, the club went through its first golden age winning three Campionats de Catalunya (1925-26, 1926-27 and 1927-28), two Campeonatos de España (1925-26 and 1927-28) and also the very first edition of La Lliga in 1928-29.

After he resigned and was replaced by Tomàs Rosés i Ibbotson on March 23rd 1929, the club presented him with the Medalla del Mèrit del FC Barcelona in honour of his contribution.

During the 1940s, Arcadi Balaguer went on to be president of the hunting association, the Federació Catalana de Caça, and the Reial Club de Polo.

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