Article 2 of the 1978 Spanish Constitution

Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution reads as follows:

"The Consititution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland to all Spaniards, and recognises the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions that make it up and solidarity amongst them.".

La Constitución se fundamenta en la indisoluble unidad de la Nación española, patria común e indivisible de todos los españoles, y reconoce y garantiza el derecho a la autonomía de las nacionalidades y regiones que la integran y la solidaridad entre todas ellas.


Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution establishes the Spanish nation as a single and indivisible entity, and also refers to the so-called State of the Autonomies. The sets of laws referring to the State as a whole and to the Autonomous Communities give a separate definition of the State of the Autonomies and are laid out in Title VIII of the Spanish Constitution under the heading "Of the territorial organisation of the State", specifically in Chapter III "Of the Autonomous Communities".

From a political point of view, the State Laws focus on the concept of unity whilst the Laws of the Autonomous Communities are centred on autonomy, and both include the concept of solidarity. In the Spanish Constitution, autonomy is clearly not sovereignty, which explains the repeated rulings of the Spanish Constititutional Court with regard to Catalonia.

The wording of the Statute of Catalonia expressly disputes this, however.

"The Parliament of Catalonia, accepting the sentiment and will of the citizens of Catalonia, has defined Catalonia as a nation based on a broad majority. The Spanish Constitution, in its second article, recognises the reality of Catalonia as a nationality."

El Parlamento de Cataluña, recogiendo el sentimiento y la voluntad de la ciudadanía de Cataluña, ha definido de forma ampliamente mayoritaria a Cataluña como nación. La Constitución Española, en su artículo segundo, reconoce la realidad nacional de Cataluña como nacionalidad.

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