August 27th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on August 27th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1353 - Port del Comte (Sardinia): Bernat de Cabrera's fleet beats the Genoese in the naval battle of Port del Comte. This would lead to the surrender of the city of Alguer.

- A decree of the Generalitat organises Catalan territory into the traditional comarques.


1895 - València, l'Horta: Enric Duran i Tortajada, Valencian playwright and poet.
1974 - Cocentaina, Comtat: Carolina Ferre, Valencian journalist.


2006 - Anton Cañellas Balcells, politician, lawyer and Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya (Ombudsman of Catalonia).
2009 - Badalona, El Barcelonès: Isidor Cònsul i Giribet, Catalan publisher, literary critic and writer (n. 1948).
2011 - Barcelona, El Barcelonès: Heribert Barrera, Catalan politician and chemist, member of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and first president of the restored Parliament of Catalonia from 1980 to 1984. (born 1917).
2014 - Barcelona: Pere Pubill i Calaf, musician better known as Peret, creator of the rumba catalana. (born 1935).

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