August 28th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on August 28th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1285 - Illes Formigues: Roger de Llúria's fleet beats the French in the naval battle of les Formigues.

- Everest: Toni Sors, Óscar Cadiach Puig and Carles Vallès Ocaña, along with sherpas Shambu Tamang, Ang Karma and Narayan Shrestra, were the first Catalans to climb the mountain.


1810 - Vic (Osona): Jaume Balmes, philosopher and theologian (died 1848).
1916 - Barcelona: Carlos Conti Alcántara, Catalan illustrator (died 1975).
1962 - València: Francesc Camps i Ortiz, Partido Popular politician, president of the Generalitat Valenciana from 2003 to 2011.
1990 - Linyola, el Pla d'Urgell: Bojan Krkić i Pérez, footballer who began his career at FC Barcelona.


1784 - Carmel, Califòrnia: Juníper Serra, Mallorcan Franciscan friar, who founded the Alta Califòrnia mission (born 1713).
1854 - Barcelona: Santa Joaquima de Vedruna, founder.
1976 - Muxía, Galícia, Espanya: Josep Moreno i Gans, Valencian composer (born 1897).

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