Catalonia Headlines for FRiday August 31st 2018

Sánchez warns Torra he will apply 155 if there's a break


Torra will challenge the State by defending a break. His speech on September 4th will mark the rhythm of an agitated political season and he will announce that he will disobey the Supreme Court if there is a decision against him.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Sánchez warns Torra he will apply 155 if there's a break
  • The Government hopes ERC will moderate the President's plans
  • La Moncloa proposes "dialogue within the law"
  • The translator of the lawsuit against Llarena denies that the error was theirs
  • From their version, we can deduce there was a manipulation of the original document
  • PDECat oppose an increase in income tax for high earners
  • Montero defends the rise negotiated with Podemos
  • Scottish independence mocement divided over Salmond case
  • The abuse accusation reveals a gao between the ex-SNP leader and his successor
  • Argentina increases interest rates by 60% to support their currency
  • The measure aims to stop the purchase of dollars after a week of turbulence

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