August 3rd in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on August 3rd in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans..


1667 - Roses (Girona) The siege of the town by the French ends when Ramón de Vilanova, who defends the town heroically, receives reinforcements.

1907 - Barcelona: "Solidaridad Obrera" is constituted.
1907 - Barcelona: An Hispano-Suiza car receives Number Plate 1 in Barcelona.
2009 - Girona: The first death due to Swine Flu in Catalonia.
2010 - The Parliament of Catalonia passes the Llei de règim jurídic i de procediment de les administracions públiques de Catalunya (Law of Juridic Regime and Procedure of the Public Administrations in Catalonia).


1843 - Calonge (Baix Empordà): Isabel Vilà i Pujol, teacher, considered the first female Catalan trades unionist.
1870 - València (l'Horta): Josep Mongrell i Torrent, Valencian painter (died 1937).
1905 - Barcelona (el Barcelonès): Xavier Benguerel i Llobet, Catalan writer.
1913 - Palma: Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel, Mallorcan translator and poet (died 1938).
1918 - Barcelona (el Barcelonès): Maria Aurèlia Capmany i Farnés, writer and cultural activist.
1944 - Aielo de Malferit, la Vall d'Albaida: Nino Bravo, Valencian melodic singer (died 1973).
1965 - València, l'Horta: Alfred Mondria i Virgili, Valencian literary critic and philologist.


1732 - Bellpuig de les Avellanes: Josep Martí, premonstratès friar, abbot of Bellpuig de les Avellanes and historian.
1905 - Sarrià: Francesc Mora Borrell, Archbishop of Monterey - Los Angeles (born 1827).
1916 - Lleida: Maria Carme Surroca de Pastors, nun fromer the order of the Germanes de la Sagrada Família d'Urgell.
1936 - Barcelona: Josep Guardiet i Pujol, Catalan priest murdered.
1974 - L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (el Baix Llobregat): Joaquim Amat i Piniella, writer (born 1913).
1976 - Sabadell: Llorenç Llobet-Gràcia, Catalan film director.
1989 - Barcelona: Lluís Parcerisa i Serra, Catalan publicista and music promotor.
2007 - Barcelona: Maria Antònia Simó i Andreu, Catalan alpinist, one of the country's first female climbers (born 1915).

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