Augustín Montal i Galobart

CF Barcelona President 1946-52

Born in Barcelona in 1906, Augustín Montal i Galobart was a textile magnate, who was president of CF Barcelona from September 20th 1946 until 1952.

In the years following the Spanish Civil War, all the CF Barcelona presidents were designated by the regime and in most cases were military men with little previous connection with the club.

Although designated by the regime, Montal i Galobart was the first exception to the rule as he had served on the board of directors under José Vendrell.

In December 1945, Montal i Galobart had complained about the provisional nature of the CF Barcelona presidencies to the Federación Catalana de Fútbol, who in turn had informed the Spanish authorities and ten months later Montal i Galobart was named president of the club.

During his term of office, CF Barcelona really consolidated itself amongst the elite of Spanish football and won two consecitive Ligas in 1948 and 1949, the same year as the club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

However, the most brilliant season of the Montal presidency came with the side trained by Czech coach Ferdinand Daucik, which included players of the calibre of Ramallets, Kubala, Basora, César or Manchón.

In 1952, this team went down in the history books as the Barça de les Cinc Copes or the Barça of the Five Cups by winning la Liga, la Copa, la Copa Latina, the Trofeu Martini Rossi and la Copa Eva Duarte.

The success meant that even the enlarged Camp de Les Corts had become too small and Montal had the foresight to buy the land on which Camp Nou would later be built.

On July 16th 1952, Augustín Montal stood down as president of CF Barcelona having been one of the most successful presidents in the history of the club, particularly considering the difficult post-war years during which he was in office.

He was succeeded by Enric Martí i Carreto and some years later, his son Agustí Montal i Costa became FC Barcelona in 1969.


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