Barça: A People's Passion

by Jimmy Burns

Founded in 1898, FC Barcelona or Barça, is the world's biggest and best-loved football club. Barça has more than 500 local fan clubs spread across the world, while its championship matches attract a global TV audience. 

Former players include such legendary figures as Kubala, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Lineker, and Barça has been managed by greats such as Helenio Herrera, Cesar Menotti and Bobby Robson. The club's honorary members include Pope John Paul II and opera star José Carreras. 

To unravel the background to the Barça phenomenon, Jimmy Burns has unearthed police files and long-forgotten newspaper reports.

He has travelled with supporters and has talked to people intimately linked to the club, from managers and players to groundsmen and doctors, whilst also gaining access to those who have conspired to gain political and financial control.


Comment on Barça: A People's Passion by Jimmy Burns

This great book basically deals with the club's history and how it has evolved over the years, the club's philosophy and it's role in the lives of the Catalan people. The book deals with the topic of how Spanish politics has affected the game in the country over the years. It explains the meaning of 'Mes que un club'. 

It contains first hand accounts from various people including legendary players and staff who have been involved in the club's activities over the years. If you are into either football or history or both, you will probably end up loving this book (unless you are a madridiOT, of course). Jimmy Burns himself is a pretty good journalist and writer and he has managed to to a fine job here.

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