Barcelona Accommodation Options

Hotels, Hostels and Apartment Rentals

There many factors to consider when comparing Barcelona accommodation and this general accommodation guide looks at a range of hotels, hostels and apartment rentals in the Catalan capital.

One of the first concerns is going to revolve around where you plan to stay in Barcelona.

Barcelona City Centre is the first choice for many visitors but depending on what you want to do, it's worth considering other Barcelona Districts or even finding accommodation out in Barcelona Province.

Obviously, another main consideration when choosing your accommodation in Barcelona is how much you want to spend.

Whether you're looking for a Luxury 5 star hotel, a Discount hostal or a Barcelona hotel priced somewhere in between, how much you're willing to pay will affect your accommodation choice.

Furthermore, if you're travelling with a group of family or friends, it's also definitely worth considering renting a Barcelona apartment or flat because this can also end up as a budget option.

This is particularly true if you consider savings you make on eating out for every meal or simply being able to relax in a comfortable environment in front of the television with friends.


Barcelona Hotels

Like any major city, the range of hotels on offer in Barcelona is extremely broad and varied.

In the Barcelona Hotels section of, I am creating a series of pages that look at the accommodation on offer from various different angles.

Inevitably, location and price are basic considerations so I have written articles on the best hotels in certain areas of Barcelona, such as the Barcelona City Centre hotels, Barceloneta Beach Hotels or Hotels close to Barcelona Airport as well as many other different neighbourhoods.

I've also created pages according to star-rating and price because how much you have to spend inevitably affects your choice of accommodation.

Furthermore, as Barcelona is such a tourist centre, there are also theme-based articles, such as Hotels In Famous Monuments or Modernista Hotels.

So obviously you can use the search box on your left, but I suggest that you read my recommendation articles listed in the right hand navigation before you do you make your final choice.

Barcelona Hostels

If you're footloose and fancy-free and a bed in a shared dormitory is all you need, then the range of Barcelona hostels will interest you.

Hostels in Barcelona used always to be in the rougher parts of town, but if you're young and looking for fun then there's no disadvantage to this and the bottom section of La Rambla and parts of El Raval are right in the city centre, which means you can take advantage of budget Barcelona Accommodation and still be right in the heart of things.

However, partly because of the crisis and partly because of increased competition in a city that is an ever more popular tourist destination, in the last few years, some major hostel chains have opened up in more upmarket parts of the city such as the Eixample and Gràcia.

These new hostels have very little to do with roughing it and focus on sharing your Barcelona experience and making new friends.

As you can see from the Search Box on your left, my preferred booking agency is Hostelbookers but as usual I suggest you find out more before taking a final decision.

Barcelona Apartment Rentals

If you're travelling with a group of friends or family, renting an apartment in Barcelona can also mean big savings on the cost of your holiday not only because flat prices are very reasonable but also because by self-catering, you avoid much of the cost of eating out in restaurants or bars for every meal.

You'll find a very wide and competitive range of apartments for rent in Barcelona, although it is difficult to find Barcelona accommodation for very large groups.

Given that Barcelona is such an important tourist destination, it's worth bearing in mind that there are quite strict regulations controlling tourist apartment rentals in the city.

Obviously, the City Council wants to make sure it collects its taxes but the restrictions also act as a quality control and make life difficult for cowboy operators so I strongly suggest you book with a verified agency such as Only Apartments.

Barcelona Province Road Map

Renting Out Of Town and Hiring A Car

For larger groups, the most convenient Barcelona accommodation option is to rent a villa or holiday home outside the city, as some of the large Catalan country houses or masias can house up to 15.

Obviously, there are also smaller flats and houses available. The great thing about staying outside the city centre is that you get a completely different perspective of life in Barcelona, which is much more authentic.

Furthermore, most towns have excellent public transport connections and another possibility, of course, is to hire a car.

If you are flying into any of the Catalan airports at Barcelona, Girona, Reus or Lleida, you'll be able to pick your hire car up at arrivals.

If you are staying in the interior it is quite possible that your town or village won't have a drop off point, but this won't be a problem in any of the major towns or along the coast.

Speaking personally, I think that hiring a villa and a car is one of the best ways to get the most of your stay in this wonderful country.

General Location Considerations

The other major factor should be location because this will affect the kind of experience you have in Barcelona.

What's the point of spending good money on a Barcelona accommodation if it's not in an area suited to your tastes?

The example that immediately springs to mind is of a lady who was coming to Barcelona with her husband and four children for a short break over the New Year.

She was asking for information on family activities in the centre of Barcelona on New Year's Eve, but when she told me that they were staying at a hotel on the Zona Franca Industrial Estate out near Barcelona Airport, all I could suggest was that she change the booking.

There are very poor public transport services in the area and the cost of two taxis to go anywhere interesting throughout the holiday period would turn the hotel's 'Special New Year Discount Offer' into a very expensive prospect indeed.

So my main advice is ... 'Look Before You Book!

Barcelona Districts Map

Where To Look

Inevitably, many Barcelona accommodation offers are in the city centre districts of the Ciutat Vella and the Eixample.

However, you need to know, for example, that the top of the Ramblas is ideal for most people whereas as the section near the port tends to be full of drugdealers and prostitutes at night.

Similarly, if you want your Barcelona hotel to be surrounded by beautiful Modernist architecture, you should book your stay in the neighbourhood known as the Dreta de l'Eixample rather than in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood.

It takes a local to know these things and for this reason, I've created a Forum where you can ask me directly the best hotel for the kind of holiday you are looking for.

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