Barcelona Carnival 2018

Carnestoltes Events Feb 8th to 14th

As with every year, Barcelona Carnival 2018 kicks off on Thursday with Dijous Gras, runs over the weekend with the Processions and La Taronjada and finishes the following Wednesday with the Enterro de la Sardina.

This Barcelona Carnestoltes 2018 Guide just covers the main events in Barcelona City Centre, which as usual will centre around Plaça de Sant Jaume in El Barri Gòtic so if you are coming into the city your best metro stop will generally be Jaume I on the Yellow L4 Line.

Of course, the Seven Ambassadors will be taking the Desbauxa or Debauchary out to the Districts of Barcelona throughout the week but the as yet unannounced Rei de Carnestoltes will be presiding over events in the city centre.

Anyway, here are times and locations of the main activities and as usual the whole mad week looks like a lot more fun than Pancake Day!

* The 2018 Barcelona Carnival Programme is more limited than usual because the weekend coincides with the celebrations for the Festes de Santa Eualalia, who is the co-patron saint of Barcelona and whose saints' day in on February 12th. This means that many of the activities such as the Masquerade Ball and the Taronjada have been moved from Carnival Sunday to Fat Thursday


Dijous Gras - February 6th

Arribo of Rei Carnestoltes and Sarau de l'Arribo with Masquerade Ball

The official start of Carnival in Barcelona kicks off with the arrival of the King of Carnival - Rei Carnestoltes.

He is accompanied by the Seven Ambassadors and the gegants Rodanxo and Rodanxa.

The event is followed by general festivities and a fancy dress party called the Sarau de l'Arribo.

La Taronjada - Dijous Gras 7 pm

La Taronjada was originally an orange fight that has turned into a street party with orange balloons and is the main event of Barcelona Carnival 2018.

Most year's La Taronjada is in El Born on Sunday but his year it will be in Plaça de Sant Jaume after L'Arribo and the Sarau de l'Arribo.

Metro: Jaume I - Yellow L4 Metro Line

Rues De Carnaval - February 10th

On the evening of Saturday February 10th there will be more than thirty Carnival Processions or Rues taking place all over the city.

Each of the Seven Ambassadors leads the processions in his or her designated area, which tend to start around 6 pm but you should check your local Centre Civic for more information.

L'Enterro de la Sardina - February 14th

L'Enterro de la Sardina on Ash Wednesday literally means the Burial of the Sardine and although its meaning is lost in the mists of time, today it is normally celebrated with a concert in the Parc de la Ciutadella.

For Barcelona Carnaval 2018 there will be various Big Bands from Escola de la Concepció and Saltimbanquis del Carnaval along with many other activities throughout the day.

When: Wednesday February 14 - 11 am

Where: Parc de la Ciutadella, Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera, Barcelona 08003

Metro: Jaume I - Yellow L4 Metro Line, Arc de Triomf - Red L1 Metro Line

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