Barcelona Holiday Apartments

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Enjoying The City In Your Own Way

Barcelona Holiday Apartments offer many advantages to tourists visiting the City or Province of Barcelona.

What’s more in Barcelona there’s a fantastic choice of apartments for rent in different parts of the city.

Atmospheric old apartments in the backstreets of the Gothic Quarter, luxury apartments in the Modernista Eixample or functional apartments close to the beach.

There really is a fantastic range of choices but perhaps the main reason for for renting an apartment is that it really allows you to enjoy Barcelona in your own way.

So here are some very compelling reasons for renting an apartment rather than a hotel for your city break.

Save Money

If you’re travelling with a group of friends or family, renting a holiday flat in Barcelona works out cheaper per person than a traditional hotel and even for couples and singles, hotel and flat rental prices are comparable.

This is because all you’re paying for is the accommodation whereas at a hotel you’re are effectively subsidising a whole array of facilities, such as restaurants, gyms, room service, business centres etc, which you may not ever use.

Use Of A Kitchen

Perhaps the key factor for most people booking a Barcelona holiday rental is having the use of a kitchen.

Obviously, Barcelona is a great city to eat out in but to be perfectly honest, having breakfast, lunch and dinner in bars and restaurants gets a bit wearing after a few days so it’s great to be able to cook your own food in your Barcelona flat.

Eating out also works out pretty expensive even for a few days whereas a group or family can make big savings by preparing at least some meals in the apartment.

What’s more you also get use of a proper fridge not just a tiny box that houses the minibar!

Privacy and Space

Furthermore, a holiday apartment gives you the same intimacy and privacy as your own home, and obviously you don’t need to follow any schedules.

Similarly, having different rooms in the same space is another plus of holday rentals.

Unlike a hotel, it means you can get out of each other’s hair or get on with different activities just like you would at home.

Discover The Real Barcelona

Finally, the real joy of renting a Barcelona holiday flat is being able to enjoy the city in a more authentic way.

For the duration of your stay, you can come and go like a real Barcelonan, particularly if you have to go shopping for your own food.

Most Barcelona Holiday Apartments are located in normal residential buildings so you might even get friendly with the neighbours!

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Things To Consider When Renting A Barcelona Holiday Apartment

Late Arrival Times

The owner of the apartment is normally the person who meets you at the apartment and there might be an extra charge for late check-in.

So it’s a good idea to try and arrange flights at reasonably normal times.

What’s more if you arrive after the shops are closed then you will not have any food in the apartment until the next day and

Most local shops close for the day between at 8 pm but there are often local grocers or convenience stores that stay open until midnight or longer, especially in the city centre.

Big supermarkets stay open until 10 o’clock and there is a chain of supermarkets shops called Open-Cor, which are open from 8 am till 2 in the morning.

Parking Space

I personally think you are better off using public transport in the city of Barcelona but if you do hire a car, it’s worth bearing in mind that, unlike hotels, apartments hardly ever include a parking place.

However, Barcelona has many public parking places all over the city, so you can usually find a parking lot close to apartments.

Also remember that parking is normally costs around 25-30 euros a day at public parking lots.

Paying a Deposit

You normally have to pay a deposit which, if you treat the apartment with care you will have no problems getting back, especially if you book through a recommended agency.

However, if you break anything, it will be deducted from for deposit.

For this reason, it’s important to point anything that looks broken or about to break, when the owner or agent takes you round the apartment.

Similarly, if something is broken or breaks, it’s better to tell the agency sooner rather than later.

Book With A Recommended Agency

There have been a lot of reports in the newspapers recently about the problems caused by illegal or unregulated Barcelona holiday apartments, so I strongly advise booking with an established agency or website.

There are many of these in Barcelona but I personally recommend:

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