Barcelona Metro L11

Light Green Line: Trinitat Nova-Can Cuiàs

Barcelona Metro L11 is one of the city's more recent underground railway lines and opened in 2003.

The Light Green Line runs from Trinitat Nova round the outskirts of town to Can Cuiàs in Moncada i Reixach .

The purpose of the L11 Metro Line is to link neighbourhoods that were previously very difficult to reach by public transport.

The key stations are Trinitat Nova, which connects with the L4 Metro line, and the Torre Baró stop, which connects RENFE local trains station of the same name.

Buying Tickets

You can buy single journey tickets and a variety of travel cards, including the excellent value T10, in the machines in the FGC entrances.

However, if you are visiting for a few days, it is well-worth investing in a Barcelona Card, which not only gives you full access to the Barcelona integrated transport system, including metro, buses, trams, ferrocarrils but also discounts on Barcelona museums and tourist sights as well as in some shops and restaurants.


L11 Light Green Line Metro Stations

  • Trinitat Nova (L3, L4)
  • Casa de l'Aigua
  • Torre Baró|Vallbona (RENFE Rodalies)
  • Ciutat Meridiana
  • Can Cuiàs

L11 Light Green Line Technical Info

Opened: 2003
Number of Stations: 5
Length: 2.1 km

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