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Accommodation on Barcelona's Famous Avenue

If you're looking for accommodation on Barcelona's famous Ramblas, whether it be a room in hotel or hostel or the more relaxed option of an apartment or flat, the two main factors you should bear in mind are location and star rating, which in turn will affect how much you end up paying.

There are some maginificently historic hotels at a variety of prices - 1-Star Hotel Lloret, 3-Star Hotel Oriente and 4-Star Hotel 1998 all look amazing to me.

However, there is plenty to choose from so it's worth reading on and, once you've roughly decided your target price range and star rating, clicking through to the specific pages described below.

As you can see from the map The Ramblas comprises five sections, but as a general rule the higher the number of the hotel address, the closer you are to Plaça Catalunya whilst the lower the number, the closer you are to the port.

All the hotels and apartments described below are located on The Ramblas itself and although I personally prefer the central section of La Rambla de Sant Josep and La Rambla dels Caputxins, the precise location doesn't make too much difference.

However, as it's always a good idea to know before you go, I suggest you click through to the links in the top right Ramblas sidebarand read up a little about each section before you make your booking.

Furthermore, if you choose to book accommodation in one of the sidestreets close to The Ramblas, I would strongly recommend you to book your hotel at the top reasonably close to Plaça Catalunya, ideally on Carrer de Santa Anna or Carrer de la Canuda.

You can find out more about these options on the Barcelona Barri Gòtic Hotels page.

If you really take time to do your research, you'll find some magnificent places to stay on or near Barcelona's most famous street.


1 and 2 Star Barcelona Ramblas Hotels

Given the prime city centre location, there is a surprisingly varied choice of one and two star hotels on Barcelona's famous Ramblas.

Until very recently, these hotels offered basic accommodation at very reasonable prices but today, the truth is that they can hardly be described as cheap although they all offer pretty good value considering their privileged location.

All the hostels and guesthouses chosen here are located in the top section of La Rambla between Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Reial/Nou de la Rambla - the section where you definitely get the best sightseeing.

I have to admit that I'd either go for Hotel Lloret at the top of La Rambla for history and tradition or Hotel Fornos at the entrance to Plaça Reial for location.

The tremendous bars and restaurants of the the Barri Gòtic and El Raval are also very close.

4 and 5 Star Barcelona Ramblas Hotels

Having taken a look at budget Ramblas hotels in the first section, let's move our attention to the top end of the range.

Once again, the best options tend to be at the top of The Ramblas on La Rambla de Canaletes and La Rambla dels Estudis.

All the luxury hotels on La Rambla are housed in magnificent historic buildings so you get a fantastic combination of history, luxury and location

Le Méridien and Hotel Bagués are both 5-Star whilst Hotel 1898 is a 4-Star hotel but is just as luxurious, and consequently as expensive as the other two.

The 4-Star Hotel Montecarlo is a little more modest and considerably cheaper than the others but also a great option.

3 Star Barcelona Ramblas Hotels

The selection of 3 Star Ramblas hotels combines great location with very reasonable prices - accomodation that guarantees comfort without breaking the bank.

It's surprising that hotels of the historical importance of Hotel Oriente or Hotel Continental, which are both housed in 19th century buildings fit into this category, but the fact that they do shows that it's worth spending some time to do your hotel research properly.

Incidentally, Hotel Continental was where George Orwell and his wife stayed while Orwell was a member of the International Brigade fighting in the Spanish Civil War and Hotel Oriente is one of Barcelona's oldest hotels and has housed some very famous people, including Hans Christian Anderson.

The other 3-Star hotels on La Rambla aren't quite as interesting as these two but there are plenty of great options, ranging from modern Eurostars La Boqueria to Flor Parks Hotel with its lovely roof terrace.

Barcelona Ramblas Apartments

Although there is a fantastic choice of self-catering apartments available very close to La Rambla in El Raval or the Barri Gòtic, options are a little more limited on La Rambla itself.

Citadines Ramblas Barcelona and Apart-Ramblas 108, both of which are at the top near Plaça Catalunya, are more apart-hotels and so combine the advantages of hotel accommodation with self-catering.

Bacardi Ramblas Apartments and Apartamentos Mur Mar are at the bottom of La Rambla closer to the Port of Barcelona and are also excellent options.

El Raval - Off The Ramblas To Your Right

Although you might think you want to find accommodation on La Rambla itself in order to be right in the thick of things, the street really is 24/7 and it's worth considering options that might offer a little more respite.

El Raval is the neighbourhood is on your right as you walk down La Rambla from Plaça Catalunya and whilst being just as centric, offers you the chance to get to know with its own authentic charm.

Until recently, El Raval was Barcelona's Red Light district and was quite rundown and often quite dangerous at night.

You'll still come across a few lowlife characters but the neighbourhood has become home to artists and bohemian types so you get a strange and stimulating combination of culture with a definitely funky feel.

I'd recommend booking accommodation relatively close to La Rambla anywhere in the top section before Carrer Nou de la Rambla.

Carrer Hospital or Carrer de Pintor Fortuny are particularly pleasant and the wonderful Hotel España on Carrer de Sant Pau is one of Barcelona's classic hotels.

The gentrificaion of  is evident when you discover posh hotels like the Barceló Raval or Casa Camper right in the heart of the neighbourhood.

The closer you get to the port, the more likely you are to run into insalubrious types but rooms are generally cheaper here so it's definitely an option for the younger budget traveller.

Barri Gòtic - Off The Ramblas To Your Left

The Barri Gòtic is on your left as you walk down La Rambla from Plaça Catalunya and would definitely be where I'd choose to stay on my first visit to Barcelona.

It is made up of a myriad of criss-crossing streets that form the best.preserverved medieval city centre in Europe and is a great place to stay.

Speaking personally, I would choose my accommodation anywhere between Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Reial because this area, particularly the Carrer de Santa Anna, Carrer Canuda and the streets round Plaça del Pi or even close to Barcelona Cathedral, have got a really authentic Gothic feel to them.

The area below Plaça Reial on Carrer dels Escudellers and Carrer d'Avinyó can get hairy late at night but accommodation tends to be cheaper there.

Closer to the port in the Mercè neighbourhood you'll get a refreshing touch of sea air, and although the atmosphere isn't quite as Gothic, it is very pleasant nonetheless.

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