Barcelona Raval Hotels

Great Accommodation Options in the Heart of the City

This article takes a look at Barcelona Raval Hotels both from the point of view of Star Rating and Location.

El Raval can be very broadly divided into different zones.

The streets just off La Rambla - Tallers, Carme, Hospital, Sant Pau, Nou de la Rambla etc - are in my opinion, the area where you get the best of the funky Raval atmosphere combined with a great location close to the tourist sights and a reasonable level of security, particularly late at night.

The closer you get to the port and the deeper you go into the heart of El Raval, the more dodgy the area gets.

Until a few years ago, El Raval was a neighbourhood of prostitutes and drug addicts and although it's been cleaned up a lot over the last few years, old habits die hard.

The other area I like is along Carrer Pelai, particularly the Universitat end close to the old University of Barcelona building.

This isn't really El Raval as I understand it but it's just a short walk from La Rambla and Plaça Catalunya and is an area with lots of space and light.

I personally think El Raval is a fantastic part of Barcelona City Centre with great bars and restaurants along with marvellous medieval monuments, such as the Church of Sant Pau or the Hospital de la Sant Creu.


4 Star Barcelona Raval Hotels

The luxury 4 Star Hotels on offer in El Raval are very impressive and are a definite sign that the transformation from red-light district to arty progressive neighbourhood is fully underway.

There are quite a few with rooftop pools and saunas showing how much the neighbourhood has come up in the world in the last 20 years or so.

Speaking personally, I'm still enamoured by the classic Modernista elegance of Hotel Espanya on Carrer Sant Pau.

However, the zappy modernity of Barceló Raval on the Rambla del Raval also takes some beating.

3 Star Barcelona Raval Hotels

Apart from Gaudí Hotel on Nou de la Rambla opposite Gaudí's Palau Güell, I was really impressed by the hotels on and around Carrer Hospital.

This area behind the famous Boqueria Market is one of my Barcelona funky favourites, and by paying a little bit extra you get the benefit of more comfort whilst enjoying El Raval's alluring combination of history and seediness.

This 3 Star Raval selection gets a massive thumbs up from me.

2 Star Barcelona Raval Hotels

With one star less, some of the 2 Star Raval Hotels in the centre of the neighbourhood leave a little to be desired.

The rooms tend to to be on the small side and are often noisy at night.

However, on the edge of El Raval at the Universitat end of Carrer Pelai, there is some very decent accommodation to be found at surprisingly reasonable prices.

HLG City Park Pelayo, shown in the picture is one of my favourites, by the way.

Cheap 1 Star Raval Hotels

At an average of 20 Euros less a night, in my opinion, these Cheap 1 Star Hotels knock the 2 Stars into touch.

All are located just off the top and central sections of The Ramblas so they offer budget accommodation in an ideal situation.

Don't expect any luxuries but these hotels offer everything the price-conscious traveller needs.

I was particularly impressed by the interior patio at Hotel Peninsular, which you can see in the photo, and the communal cooking facilities at Be Ramblas Hotel.

Barcelona Ramblas Hotels

As The Ramblas marks the limit between El Raval and the Barri Gòtic. I've decided to treat Barcelona's most celebrated street separately.

Given the magnificent location, you won't be surprised by the hotels at the top end of the price range such as Le Meridien or Hotel 1898.

However, you will be impressed by the mid-range 3-Star hotels and with 2-Star Hotel Lloret or Hotel Fornos also forming part of the offer, I'm pretty sure you'll be blown away by what's available for the budget traveller.

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