Bartomeu Robert i Yarzábal

Mayor of Barcelona in 1899

Bartomeu Robert, popularly known as Doctor Robert, was a doctor and politician, who became Mayor of Barcelona in 1899 and led the revolt against the Spanish government known as the Tancament de Caixes.

Robert was born in Tampico in Mexico on October 20th 1842 because his father was an Catalan emigree originally from Sitges.

He graduated in medicine at the University of Barcelona in 1863 and had a career as a doctor mainly at the Hospital de la Santa Creu.

On March 14th 1899, Doctor Robert was designated Mayor of Barcelona and during his tenure tried to clean up the electoral rolls and campaigned against vote rigging.

He also led the shopkeepers' revolt against the restrictive policies of the Silvela government and his Treasury minister, Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, known as the Tancament de Caixes.

He was president of the Catalan conservative party, the Lliga Regionalista, from its formation in 1901 and the same year was elected to the Spanish Parliament, along with Albert Rusiñol i Prats, Lluís Domènech i Montaner and Sebastià Torres i Planas, as one of the Four Presidents.

Bartomeu Robert i Yarzábal died in Barcelona on April 10th 1902 and, as you can see from the photos below, a monument dedicated to him, which is now in Plaça de Tetuan, was originally erected in Plaça de la Universitat.


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