Bartomeu Terrades i Brutau

FC Barcelona Player 1899-1903 and President 1901

Present at the first meeting at Gimnasio Solé on November 29th 1899, Bartomeu Terrades was one of the founding members Football Club Barcelona and was chosen as the club's first treasurer.

As a player Terrades was a midfield player and played in FC Barcelona's very first game in which a 10-man side were beaten 1-0 by a group of English expats at the Velódrom de la Bonanova on December 9th 1999.

He continued playing until 1903 and participated in a total of 31 games.

After original president Walter Wild resigned for work reasons, Bartomeu Terrades was elected as the club's second president on April 25th 1901.

The fact that Terrades was a wealthy man was important in the club's early history as he made a donation to the club of 1,400 pesetas, which was a fortune at the time and definitely helped the fledgling FC Barcelona out of financial difficulties.

During his term of office, Terrades fought off a take attempt over from Sección Gimnástica Española, who wanted a share in the increasingly popular game of football, and was instrumental in founding the Associació Catalana de Futbol.

When the team was forced to leave the ground at Hotel Casanovas, Terrades bought land in Horta for the team to play on and it was under his presidency that the club launched its second and third teams.

In 1902, whilst Bartomeu Terrades was FC Barcelona president, the club won its first Copa Macaya, considered the forerunner to the Campionat de Catalunya, but the same season lost the final of the first Copa de España 2-1 to Club Vizcaya.

Terrades stood down as president on September 5th 1902 after 517 days but, remained on the board, later becoming vice-president of the club during Arthur Witty's presidency.

Terrades continued playing until the end of the 1902-03 season and as the picture below shows was part of the team that won the Copa Barcelona that year, along with fellow club presidents Joan Gamper, Vicenç Reig and Arthur Witty.


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