El Besòs i El Maresme

Rambla del Prim to the Fòrum and the Sea

Located on the border between Barcelona and Sant Adrià, El Besòs i El Maresme is a long thin neighbourhood that runs along either side of the Rambla del Prim.

The barri dates back to the 1950s and 1960s when it was quickly built to house the massive immigration that arrived in the Catalan capital from the south of Spain.

Until then the area had been open land irrigated by the Madriguera and the Verneda, both small tributaries of the Besòs river, which reached the sea at Camp de la Bota.

The first blocks of flats on either side of what was to become the Rambla de Prim were completely unplanned and the neighbourhood had no facilities or public services and much of the area retains a jerry built feel about it.

This began to change in the 1980s but its significant that one of El Besòs i El Maresme's best-known institutions, the Centre Civic del Besòs, which opened in 1993, is still a hub for Andalusian culture and one of the most important centres for flamenco in Barcelona.


Getting to Know El Besòs i El Maresme

However, the main revitalisation of the barri came about in 2004 with the building of the Parc del Fòrum on the border with Sant Adrià.

The Fòrum facilities include a museum, an international conference centre and also host major events, such as the Primavera Sound music festival amongst others.

Future plans includes the location of the new campus of the Universitat Politècnica and more [email protected] Technology Projects along Gran Via as well as the installation of Barcelona's Maritime Zoo at the Sant Adrià end of Llevant beach.

The Platja de Llevant itself is 380 metres long and is the newest of Barcelona's beaches having only opened in 2006.

This sandy beach along with the Zona Banys Forum bathing area makes the neighbourhood a pretty pleasant place to visit in the summer months.

One of the other good things about El Besòs i El Maresme is that it is part of the area of Sant Martí loosely known as El Poblenou, which is one of Barcelona's upcoming areas so more improvements are expected over the next decade.

Public Transport

El Besòs i El Maresme is also well-served by the public bus system and the Trambesòs Tram Line.

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