Bigues i Riells

Quiet Villages Set in Breathtaking Coutryside

Bigues i Riells is a municipality in El Vallès Oriental with a population of around 9,000 inhabitants comprising the villages of Bigues, Riells del Fai and Sant Mateu de Montbui as well as a number of smaller urbanisations.

The two villages of Bigues and Riells del Fai were separate until they were combined into a single municipality in the middle of the 19th century along with the old rural parish of Sant Mateu de Montbui.

Bigues i Riells is located in the north-west of El Vallès Oriental with the River Tenes running through the municipality from north-west to south-east.


Things to See in Bigues i Riells

There are a number of interesting religious buildings in the municipality including the churches of Sant Pere i Sant Pau de Bigues and Sant Vicenç de Riells del Fai, the Hermitage of Sant Bartomeu de Mont-ras and the spectacular 11th century Benedictine monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai, which is set in the rocky cliffs of Cingles de Bertí.

You might also be interested in visiting the Castle of Montbui, and the Hermitage of Sant Mateu de Montbui and a walk along the banks of the River Tenes is an excellent way to take in some the impressive local scenery.

Bigues i Riells Festivals

The Festa Major of Riells is on and around August 7th and is in honour of Sant Gaietà.

There are also winter festivals in honour of Sant Sebastià in Bigues on January 20th and of Sant Vicenç in Riells on January 22nd.

Getting to Bigues i Riells

By Road: Bigues i Riells is quite difficult to get to but can be reached by the C-59 highway, which turns inland from the AP-7 Motorway close to Mollet del Vallès, runs alongside the edge of the municipality.

Ajuntament de Bigues i Riells

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Aiguafreda on the Ajuntament de Bigues i Riells Website.

Bigues i Riells Hotels

Use the map below to search for hotels in the Bigues i Riells area.

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