Buildings in front of the Glory Facade

by Simon Cork

The Sagrada Familia's Glory Facade

The Sagrada Familia's Glory Facade

As a frequent visitor to Barcelona I have been waiting to see just how long it would be before the block in front of the Glory Facade would be removed. Unfortunately for the residents I feel it should be demolished. The residents must have known for the last 50 years that this would be an eventuality.

Many years ago the wide avenue in front of the Vatican in Rome was full of housing. This was eventually demolished to the benefit of the Vatican and all who visit (tourisrts and church goers alike).
The same should happen in Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia.
The options you give all state the benefits for tourism and the local economy by demolishing the block/blocks in front of the Glory Facade. Yes, it would be better for tourists, but also for those attending services there, for the residents of Barcelona and for the glory of a Basilica that has taken decades to build. Why spend all that time and effort building such a glorious building only for it to be ruined because the local council being too timid to remove the residential buildings?

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