Cabrera de Mar

A Modest Beach Resort Close To Mataró

Cabrera de Mar is a small town on the Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona in the comarca of El Maresme between the municipalities of Vilassar de Mar and Mataró.

The urban centre is actually located about 2.5 kilometres inland, in a small valley between the hills of Burriac, where the ruins of the old Burriac Castle can be found, and Montcabrer and also borders on the municipalities of Cabrils and Argentona.

Cabrera de Mar is quite scattered and consists of a number of different centres with the Casc Antic or Old Town, Santa Elena d'Agell, Sant Joan de Munt and Mas Terrillo all located inland and Pla de l'Avellà, Costamar and Bonamar situated next to the coast.

As the railway line runs along the coast, I always had the impression that there was nothing more to Cabrera de Mar than the pleasant section of golden sand beach so typical of this section of the Costa del Maresme.

However, Casc Antic in particular is well worth exploring and has some interesting buildings, particularly in the Neoclassical, Modernista and Noucentista styles.


Cabrera de Mar Festivals

Sant Feliu is the patron saint of Cabrera de Mar and the town celebrates its Festa Major around his saints' day which is on August 1st.

The winter Festa Major d'Hivern is on January 22nd, in honour of Sant Vicenç.

Getting to Cabrera de Mar

By Road: Cabrera de Mar is well connected with the rest of El Maresme and with Barcelona thanks to old Camí Real, which is now the N-II main road, and is also served by the Barcelona-Mataró section of the C-32 Motorway

By Rail: Trains from Barcelona stop at the Cabrera de Mar-Vilassar de Mar station on the Rodalies R1 Line

Ajuntament de Cabrera de Mar

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Cabrera de Mar on the Ajuntament de Cabrera de Mar Website.

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