Caldes d'Estrac

A Lovely Beach Town and Spa Resort

Caldes d'Estrac, also known as Caldetes, is a municipality in the comarca of El Maresme, located on the coast between Sant Vicenç de Montalt and Arenys de Mar. It only has a population of a little over 3,000.

Caldetes was a very fashionable spa town for the Barcelona bourgeoisie between 1875 and the 1920s for its thermal baths and beachside atmosphere, and a number of famous Catalan poets and writers, such as  Apel·les Mestres, Joan Maragall, Jacinto Verdaguer or Josep Palau i Fabre, lived in the town. 

The massive flyover road built in the 1960s and the building of suburban residences in the 1990s did away with much of the quiet of the town.

There are a number of places of interest, particularly in the Vila Vella or Old Town, where you'll find traditional Catalan houses such as an Milans de Caldes with Gothic elements or 16th century Can Gili.

There are also two remaining defence towers, La Torre Verda and La Torre Busquets, which date from the period when the Catalan coast was raided by Barbary pirates.

However, the beach area remains the main attraction and the two seafronts walks along Passeig de Mar and Passeig dels Anglesos, with their Noucentista and Modernista buildings, are particularly delightful.


Caldes d'Estrac Festivals

The town's Festa Major is normally the first or second weekend in September and is in honour of the Mare de Déu del Remei, which is on September 8th.

Getting to Caldes d'Estrac

By Road: Caldes d'Estrac is served by the main N-II national road along the coast as well as by the C-32 motorway.

By Train: There is a station at Caldes d'Estrac on the Rodalies R1 railway line.

Ajuntament de Caldes d'Estrac

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Caldes d'Estrac on the Ajuntament de Caldes d'Estrac Website.

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