Cànoves i Samalús

Two Villages on the Edge of Montseny

Cànoves i Samalús is a municipality in the comarca of El Vallès Oriental comprising the two separate villages of Cànoves and Samalús, which together have a combined population of around 3,000 inhabitants.

The municipality is located on the edge of the Montseny Natural Park so its a great place to use as a base for walks into the hills. 

There are a number of decent restaurants in Cànoves i Samalús and both Allotjament Turístic Can Puig and Mas Berenguer offer accommodation.


Things to See in Cànoves i Samalús

There are a number of interesting buildings in both Cànoves and Samalús. 

The ruins of the Castle of Cànoves and the Church of Sant Muc are both Romanesque and are located in Cànoves. Nearby you'll also find the hermitage of Sant Salvador de Terrades, which despite its ancient appearance was actually built in 1930 by the architect Josep Maria Pericas i Morros.

Samalús also has its own castle but it dates from the early 20th century when the old Catalan country house of Can Bori was converted into a kind of folly. They did an excellent job though and the building is considered to be of national interest.

While you are in the area, you should really visit the famous old chestnut tree El Castanyer de Can Cuch, which with a perimetre of more than 20 metres at its base is the widest tree in Catalonia by some difference. It is located at 786 metres altitude on the Baga d'en Cuc.

Cànoves i Samalús Festivals

The Festa Major of Cànoves is on  July 22nd and is in honour of Sant Muç de Cànoves.

Getting to Cànoves i Samalús

By Road: You can reach Cànoves i Samalús via the BP-5107 from La Garriga or Llinars del Vallès, by the BV-5108 from Cardedeu or by the BP-5151 from Les Franqueses del Vallès connects with BP-5107 road.

By Bus: There are buses Cànoves i Samalús from Granollers, Cardedeu Sant Pere de Vilamajor and La Garriga run by the Sagalés bus company and their most frequent service is from  Cardedeu.

Ajuntament de Cànoves i Samalús

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Caldes de Montbui on the Ajuntament de Cànoves i Samalús Website.

Cànoves i Samalús Hotels

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