The Dictatorship's Last Project

The neighbourhood of Canyelles in Nou Barris, which was built in 1974, was the last housing development to be built before the Transition to Democracy after the death of Franco in 1975.

It consists of large blocks of flats made of prefabricated modules and sits on the outer limit of Barcelona on the edge of Collserola.

Despite being built some two decades after the arrival of the first influx of mass Spanish immigration to Barcelona, it still suffered from a lack of planning that resulted in poor local facilities.

With the opening of the Rondas and the building of the Canyelles metro station on the Green L3 Metro Line some improvements were made in the early 1990s.

The neighbourhood's saving grace, though, is the Parc de Serra i Martí with its magic fountains and water cascades, but all in all there is little to say about the neighbourhood.

Canyelles Aerial View


Metro Station

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