Carlos Padrós

The Catalan Founder of Real Madrid CF

Carlos Padrós was a Catalan businessman and politician, who along with his brother Juan was one of the founders of Madrid Football Club on March 6th 1902 and the club's second president.

Carles Padrós i Rubió was born in Sarrià in Barcelona on November 9th 1870 and in 1886, he moved to Madrid where he managed the family material shop Al Capricho, which was at number 48 Calle de Alcalá.

Despite having a limp due to a tumour as a child, he was a great sport enthusiast, and went hunting and clay pigeon shooting and he was particularly keen on football, which was becoming fashionable at the time.

Carlos Padrós and his brother Juan, who was the first club president, were amongst the signatories of the constitution of Madrid Foot-ball Club, and the same year, they organised the Concurso Madrid de Football, which is the precursor to the modern Copa del Rey.

This was the first national football competition in Spain and was organised in honour of the coming of age of the Spanish King Alfonso XIII.

It was Carlos Padrós who managed to persuade the Ayuntamieto de Madrid to donate a cup and the polo and horse racing clubs to cede the Hipódromo de la Castellana for the competition. He also refereed the final between Club Bizcaya and Football Club Barcelona.

Next he founded the Agrupación Madrileña de Clubs de Foot-Ball, which organised the Campeonato Regional Centro, and in 1903 he persuaded Alfonso XIII to donate a cup for the second edition of the Copa del Rey.

The same year, Carlos Padrós resigned from the Madrid Federation and replaced his brother Juan as president of Madrid Football Club.

He was also one of the people behind the attempt to create a Spanish Football Federation and under his presidency, Madrid FC won four campeonatos regionales and four Campeonatos de España, both consecutively from 1905 to 1908.

In 1908, he stood down as president of the club and was named honorary president, and from then on would dedicate his energies to his agriculture businesses in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Jaen.

He was elected as a member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies for the Partido Liberal for the Catalan town of Mataró in 1910, 1914 and 1916.

During the Spanish Civil War, he was captured and imprisoned by the Republicans but managed to escape first to Marseille and then San Sebastián.

When the conflict was over in 1939, Carlos Padrós returned to Madrid, where he died on December 30th 1950.


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