CDC-ERC Route Map for Independence

The Basic Points - March 30th 2015

The CDC-ERC Route Map for Independence signed by the two main parties on March 30th 2015 remains the basic agreement that will come into effect if Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) win the Catalan Elections on September 27th.

Obviously, the agreement just involves the basic points and a lot will depend on the extent of the victory and possible partners in the concentration government.

A victory by both seats and votes for Junts pel Sí would give them a free hand to take a more radical line and this would be much the same if the CUP are directly involved in government.

A victory by seats but without an absolute majority of votes would mean that the CDC-ERC Route Map for Independence could be implemented as it stands over an 18-month period.


Here's a loose translation of the clipping above, which was published in La Vanguardia on 2/4/2015.

  • Elections 27-S - The route map signed on Monday by CDC and ERC seeks to convert elections of September 27th into a plebiscite so that the result will interpreted unmistakably as a decision by the people of Catalonia on their relationship with rest of Spain. The electoral programme of both parties should make this clear.
  • Development - If there's a majority in favour of independence after 27-S, Parliament will make a declaration of sovereignty as the start of an 18-month process that will end in creation of new State. Among the agreed points are "the necessary structures for the new State", such as Social Security, Foreign Policy, Catalan Treasury. The "negotiations with the Spanish State" and international bodies will begin.
  • Culmination - At the end of these 18 months, the Generalitat will organise a "binding referendum" on the future Catalan Constitution. A favourable result will "allow the declaration of independence" and the election of a new Parliament within the new constitutional framework. From this moment onwards, the new government of the Generalitat will negotiate the new forms of relation with Spain and Europe.

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