Christmas Markets in Catalonia

Fires de Nadal or Santa Llúcia

Christmas Markets in Catalonia are known as Mercats de Nadal or Fires de Santa Llúcia open in many towns in early December and are great places to get all your Christmas decorations.

You'll be able to find all the figures for the Pessebre or Traditional Nativity Scene, such as the moss, sand and the stable and all the figures that bring life to the nativity, like the farm animals, the shepherds, Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus and, of course, El Caganer.

You'll also find Christmas trees, logs, lights and candles, eucalyptus and holly branches, mistletoe and butcher's broom as well as craft goods that make great presents and local products and delicacies.

Christmas fairs tend to be an excuse for many other events, such as workshops, concerts and music and stories for children and at most, you'll come across a giant Tió, which poops out presents for children when hit with a stick.

Incidentally, the markets are often known as Fires de Santa Llúcia because the traditionally opened on the Saint's Day of Santa Llúcia, which is December 13th, but in these consumerist times many now start much earlier. 


Fairs and Markets around Catalonia

Barcelona Province

Around Catalonia

  • Mercat de Nadal a Valls (l'Alt Camp) 
  • Mercat de Nadal a Llagostera (El Gironès) 
  • Fira Artesana de Nadal a Peralada (l'Alt Empordà)

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