Ciutat Meridiana

Urban Speculation under The Dictatorship

The neighbourhood of Ciutat Meridiana in Nou Barris is one of the clearest examples of urban speculation in Barcelona during Franco's dictatorship.

Located in a steep valley below the Turó de Roquetes in what was formerly part of Sant Andreu, its construction took a big lump out of the previously tranquil Collserola mountain range in the Vallbona area.

It comprises a series of large blocks of flats built on land that had previously been intended as a cemetery but planning never went ahead due to excessive dampness.


Ciutat Meridiana was never equipped with even the most basic services and community facilities when it was built from 1973 onwards and so a slum was immediately created.

A lot of effort has been made since the 1980s to redress the balance and the building of the Zona Nord Civic Centre, the installation of metal escalators to help getting up and down the steep hills and the construction of a car park at the exit of the light rail metro are just a few examples.

The inclusion of Ciutat Meridiana along with Torre Baró in the Generalitat's Plan de Barris means that more still very necessary improvements will continue to be made in the neighbourhood.

Public Transport

As far as public transport is concerned the neighbourhood has a metro station on the Light Green L11 Metro Line and there is also a RENFE local train station as well TMB bus services.

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