Concurs de Castells

International Castells Competition in Tarragona
October 2018

The Concurs de Castells is a competition between the best colles or group of castells from Catalonia and around the world that is held in early autumn every two years in Tarragona

This year is the XXV edition and the two main days are Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd in the Tarraco Arena Pla├ža de Tarragona with a warm-up day in Torredembarra on Sunday 25th September.

One of the most important aspects of the meeting is that it is the only day in the season where the castells are scored depending on their difficulty, which means the colles are highly motivated to give their best throughout the day. You can read more about the technical difficulty of various human towers in my Introduction to Castells.

The event is organised by the Ajuntament of Tarragona and the Ajuntament de Torredembarra since 2014 and more than 7,000 spectators will attend the three days in total.

This year a total of 42 colles will be participating with the best 12 colles battling it out on Sunday October 2nd

Financial prizes are awarded according to the scores and this helps keep the competition high and provides much needed funds for the elite colles de castellers.

I've included the current standing of the best colles in the league table to the left of the text and tickets for this year's International Castells Competition in Tarragona are available on the Official Concurs de Castells Website


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