Corpus Christi in Catalonia

Thursday May 31st 2018

Corpus Christi means the Body of Christ and is a Catholic festival to ceebrate the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in the Eucharist. 

It takes place 60 days after Easter on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which in 2018 is May 31st.

The festival was first instituted by Pope Urban IV in 1262 but became popular throughout Europe following a papal bull by John XXII in 1316 and Barcelona and Girona were the first cities after Rome to hold processions to celebrate Corpus Christi in 1320 so the celebration of Corpus Christi has very deep roots in Catalonia.

In fact, the Corpus Christi processions are the origin of the processions that accompany the Festes Majors at other times of the year in Catalan towns.

There are a multitude of processions, street festivals and floral carpets and some of the best known ones are La Patum in Berga, the Festa de Corpus in Solsona, the Enramades of Arbúcies and Sallent, the floral carpets in Sitges and La Garriga, and of course the tradition of l'ou com balla or dancing egg, in various towns such as Barcelona or Tarragona.


Festes de Corpus

Corpus Christi takes place 60 days after Easter on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which in 2018 is May 31st, and the celebration of the festival has very deep roots in Catalonia so there are a multitude of processions, street festivals and floral carpets.

Barcelona Province

Around Catalonia

  • Festes de Corpus in Girona (el Gironès)
  • Festa de Corpus in Solsona (el Solsonès)
  • Festa de Corpus in Reus (el Baix Camp)
  • Festa de Corpus in Tarragona (el Tarragonès)
  • Festa de Corpus in Valls (l'Alt Camp)
  • Festa de Corpus in Lleida (el Segrià)
  • Els Veïnats d'Esterri d'Àneu (el Pallars Sobirà)
  • Festes dels barris-Festa del pa beneït in El Vendrell (Baix Penedès)
  • Les Enramades in Arbúcies (la Selva)
  • Festa de les Enramades in Sant Llorenç de Morunys (el Solsonès)
  • L'Enramada a Guissona (Segarra)
  • Catifes de flors in l'Ametlla de Mar (Baix Ebre)
  • Catifes de Corpus in  Flix (Ribera d'Ebre)  
  • Catifes de flors i Festes del Corpus in Tivissa (Ribera d'Ebre)
  • Festes de Corpus in Lleida (el Segrià) 
  • Catifes de Corpus in El Perelló (el Baix Ebre)
  • Festa de Corpus in Balaguer (la Noguera)
  • Catifes de Corpus in l'Estartit (el Baix Empordà) 
  • Festa del Corpus in l'Aleixar (el Baix Camp)
  • Corpus in Vilaplana (el Baix Camp) 

Catalan-speaking Countries

  • Festa de Corpus in Ontinyent (la Vall d'Albaida)
  • Processó o Cavalcada del Convit in València
  • Festa del Corpus in Meliana (Horta Nord)
  • Festa del Corpus in Gandia (la Safor)

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