Catalonia News Headlines for Wednesday December 19th 2018

The Government considers a mini-summit in Barcelona


Torra resists accepting the meeting with Sánchez as the pressure on the president to receive the socialist leader worsens and Jordi Sánchez urges to "facilitate" the meeting from the prison while Moncloa argues in favour of recovering "confidence and loyalty".

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • The Government considers a mini-summit in Barcelona
  • Sánchez and Torra could see each other accompanied by three ministers and three consellers
  • Calvo, Aragonès and Artadi will at negotiate Sants Station on Monday
  • The President rejects the illegalisation of the pro-independence parties
  • The Council of Ministers will raise civil servants' salaries by 2.5%
  • The measure will be passed on Friday and an additional increase of 0.25% is predicted
  • Rents shoot up in the Barcelona area
  • Increases of 7.7% and 9% in Hospitalet and Badalona
  • London prepares for a Brexit without an agreement
  • To pressurise in favour of an agreement, May announces she will put 3,500 soldiers on alert
  • Laura Luelmo died two or three days after her disappearance
  • A suspect for the crimeagainst the teacher from Huelva is arrested as he tried to flee

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