Catalonia Headlines for Wednesday December 20th 2017

Last push to break the stalemate between the blocs


Last push to break the draw between the blocs as Catalonia closes a divided campaign with what will probably be a high participation. Disagreement between parties points to an ungovernable Parliament.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Last push to break the stalemate between the blocs
  • Catalonia closes a divided campaign and tightens what will be a high participation
  • The vetoes between parties points to a difficult to govern Parliament
  • ERC reinforces the message of repression with a rally at the prison
  • Puigdemont says that "the State's lack of neutrality in the campaign will affect the result"
  • Rajoy fully commits in the last stretch in support of Albiol
  • Domènech "We will help Esquerra to get away from the unilateral route"
  • The Comuns gamble on forming "a transversal government"
  • The minimum wage will go up to €850 in three years
  • Employment agrees with employers' associations and unions a gradual 20% increase until 2020

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