Catalonia Headlines for Friday December 8th 2017

Trump's favour to Israel unleashes Palestinian ire


La Vanguardia leads with Trump and Israel on the same day as 45,000 Catalans demonstrated in Brussels in support of the President Puigdemont.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Trump's favour to Israel unleashes Palestinian ire
  • Confrontations with Israeli forces end with dozens injured
  • Hamas calls a new intifada against Jerusalenm as capital
  • Abas calls for calm but removes the US from any peace plan
  • The president's son-in-law gains weight in the White House
  • Cs launch an offensive to capture the metropolitan PSC vote
  • Iceta tries to create a presidential profile to compete for the useful 
  • The Supreme Court prosecutors look for evidence on October 1st for new charges
  • The public ministry analyses material from an investigation from a courtroom in Barcelona
  • Puigdemont demands that the EU forces Rajoy into a political negotiation
  • The independence movement takes Brussels with a massive demonstration in support of the ex-president

The photo caption reads "More than 45,000 demonstrators: The European capital saw a parade of a a sea of esteladas and yellow insignia."

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