Three Villages Inland in El Maresme

Dosrius is a municipality in the comarca of El Maresme with a population of about 5,000 located at the head of the Riera d'Argentona in the interior of the comarca on the border with El Vallès Oriental

The original name, first recorded in 963, is "Duos Rios", which literally means "Two Rivers" and refers to the two rivers that join to form the Riera d'Argentona, and is reflected in the town's coat of arms. 

These rivers are normally dry but quickly fill during wet weather causing disruption in the centre of the old village of Dosrius due to the one-way narrow streets.

There are two more population nucleii in the municipality at  Canyamars and Can Massuet-El Far, which has the largest population. 

There isn't a great deal to see but the ruins of 11th century Dosrius Castle are on a hill in the north of the municipality and in the Església de Sant Andreu el Far, the Església de Sant Esteve de Canyamars and the Església de Sant Iscle i Santa Victòria.


Dosrius Festivals

The Festa Major of Dosrius is dedicated to Sant Llop, whose saints' day is on July 29th and the winter Festa Major d'Hivern in honour of Sant Iscle and Santa Victòria on November 17th.

Getting to Dosrius

By Road: Dosrius is located on the BV-510 just off the C-60, which runs between Mataró on the coast and Granollers inland, so if you are coming from Barcelona head for either.

Ajuntament de Dosrius

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Dosrius Website.

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