Double standards within the EU

by Eur. Ing. C. Papadopoulos

In order to avoid the partition of Spain, could the EU Commission suggest the same solution it supports in Cyprus and offer Catalonia the same rights the EU Commission supports offering the minority in Cyprus, including rotating presidency between Spain and Catalonia on a 2:1 ratio?

The citizens of the EU are very concerned that the EU Commission actively support the rights of Muslims from Myanmar to the occupied areas of Cyprus offering them their own federal state (in reality partitioning the country), but are unwilling to offer the same rights to the nations of Europe that wish to have their own independent country.

These double standards should be addressed by the Legal authorities of the nations seeking their independence and the EU Commission should be called to explain why the occupied areas of Cyprus should become a separate federal state within the EU with the blessing of the EU Commission, but not Catalonia.

best regards

Eur. Ing. Chris Papadopoulos

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Details of the framework paper issued by UN secretary-general
Power-sharing: The issue of power sharing, Guterres says, needs to be discussed further in connection with the request of one side. Other elements, such as the rotating presidency, are issues that need to be discussed as requested by the Turkish Cypriot side on a 2:1 ratio.

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Oct 03, 2017
Really? NEW
by: ksk

Yes, Chris, that's exactly what we all really need: The EU should have the power and right to abrogate individual EU states' constitutions. What an interesting concept/approach.

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