El Garraf

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The Coast South of Barcelona

Located to the south of Barcelona and with easy reach of Barcelona El Prat Airport, the comarca of El Garraf comprises six municipalities.

Cubelles, Vilanova i La Geltrú, Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges all have at least some coast and Canyelles and Olivella are situated in the mountainous interior.

The Garraf is an extremely attractive part of Catalonia and definitely the best stretch of the coast within easy reach of Barcelona.

The celebrated beach resort of Sitges is obviously the main attraction but Vilanova i La Geltrú, the comarca capital, is also lovely and is definitely worth visit.

What’s more the Garraf Massif provides some spectacular views down to the sea, and the nature reserves of Garraf, Olèrdola and El Foix provide a pleasant contrast to the more famous beach resorts.

Obviously, the coastal resorts are well-served by the local railway service from Barcelona but if you want to really explore El Garraf and the neighbouring comarques it is well worth hiring a car and heading off on your own.

If you are staying in Barcelona, it’s very easy to hope on a train to visit the coastal resorts or equally you can book one of the large variety of Day Trips to Sitges that leave daily from Barcelona City Centre.

* The Hotel Search Box is pre-configured to give results in the Vilanova i La Geltrú area because it’s in the capital of the comarca. If you’re looking for Accommodation in Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes or any other town in El Garraf, please insert the name of the town in the Where? box.



El Garraf Comarca Map


A Tourist Haven

Located on the Mediterranean coast between the Penedès plain and the Garraf Massif, from which it takes its name, the comarca is in a privileged position.

Only 40 km south of Barcelona with excellent train and road connections, it’s no surprise that the area is a magnet for both local and international tourism.

This stretch of coast has excellent beaches and is particularly well-equipped for practising water sports.

Furthermore, the nature reserves of Garraf, Olèrdola and El Foix mean that the inland setting is just as impressive as the coast.

As far as beach tourism is concerned, the delightful resort town of Sitges is the main attraction but if you want to get a little off the beaten track, comarca capital Vilanova i La Geltrú is just as nice in a laid back sort of way.

The big advantage of Sitges is that it’s only about 40 minutes from Barcelona by the local train service and also there is a wide variety of organised Day Trips to Sitges that leave from Barcelona City Centre.

So Much Variety

In the centre of the comarca of El Garraf, there’s an agricultural plain, with vine as the main crop and an impressive selection of farmhouses, houses of indianos and small palaces, many of which are available as holiday accommodation or have been turned into restaurants.

The area is also rich in history with its medieval castles and defence towers, as well as Renaissance and Baroque churches, altarpieces and paintings.

What’s more the artistic legacy of the 19th century turned many of the towns of the Garraf into open air modernista museums.

The gastronomy is based on excellent local produce – the fish and vegetables being particularly outstanding.

Towns such as Sant Pere de Ribes, Olivella and Canyelles are a little more difficult to get to by public transport so if you want to explore the interior of El Garraf, it’s probably best to hire a car and head out on your own.


If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about El Garraf on the Consell Comarcal del Garraf Website.