El Llantiol

A Unique Café-Theatre in El Raval

Located on Carrer de la Riereta in the neighbourhood of El Raval, El Llantiol is one of the best-known and longest standing café-theatres in Barcelona.

It's well worth stopping of for a drink in the Llantiol's bar whether your going to see a show or not.

The theatre, which has been going since 1980, has a capacity for 100 spectators and owes its legendary status, in part, to many famous artists, such as Ángel Pavlovsky, El Tricle or Eugenio, who made appearances in the early days of the careers.


Getting to El Llantiol

El Llantiol
Carrer de la Riereta, 7
08001, Barcelona


Metro Sant Antoni - Red L1 Line, Purple L2 Line

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