El Putget i Farró

Two Neighbourhoods in Sant Gervasi

El Putget i Farró Neighbourhood Map

El Putget i Farró is in the District of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi on the border with Gràcia and is the combination of two smaller neighbourhoods El Puget, above Ronda del General Mitre, and Farró below it.

The inhabitants of both neighbourhoods tend to be well-off because in the mid-19th centuries these were areas where upper class Barcelonans had their summer residences.

El Putget - often written El Putxet - is a small peak between Vallcarca and Sant Gervasi, which was first documented as the site of a chapel in the 17th century but whose history only really dates back to around 1870 when, owing to the dreadful sanitary conditions in Ciutat Vella, bourgeois Barcelona families began to build summer homes there.

At the time, El Putget was one of the three neighbourhoods, along with La Bonanova and Lledó, that made up Sant Gervasi.

With the arrival of the Sarrià railway in 1863, the metro in 1924 and the tram, the summer homes in El Putget gradually became permanent residences.

Just like in Sarrià or La Salut above Gràcia, fine houses, many of them Modernista, were built around the hill and some can still be seen particularly along Carrer de Mulet or Carrer de Puigreig.


However, from the 1950s onwards many were replaced by modern blocks of flats.

The neighbourhood is dominated by the park - Els Jardins del Turó del Putget - which was created in 1970.

The part of El Putget i Farró closest to central Barcelona is predictably known as Farró and was separated from El Putget by the building of Ronda del Mig.

The neighbourhood is made up mainly of narrow residential streets, most of which, such as Passatge de Sant Felip (shown above), are not accessible by car.

The historic centre is Plaça de Mañé i Flaquer and most of the shops are along Carrer de Padua.

Metro Stations

The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat line runs under Carrer Balmes, where you'll find the Plaça Molina, Padua and El Putxet stations.

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