Enric Cardona i Panella

FC Barcelona President 1923-24

Enric Cardona i Panella took over the presidency of FC Barcelona on July 29th 1923 shortly after the start of Miguel Primo de Rivera's military dictatorship and the club's persecution began.

Cardona succeeded founder Joan Gamper's fourth term of office and over the previous few years FC Barcelona had increasingly become a symbol of Catalanism so was under heavy surveillance.

Consequently, the board asked the supporters to be on their best behaviour at all times.

The season began well with the club taking the Campionat de Catalunya very convincingly by winning all their ten matches.

However, in the semi-finals of the Campeonato de España, the team was thrashed 6-1 by Real Unión de Irun, which provoked a confrontation between board and players.

Although the situation was resolved, Enric Cardona stood down on June 1st 1924 and Joan Gamper took over the presidency for his fifth and final term of office.


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