Enric Martí i Carreto

CF Barcelona President 1952-53

Enric Martí i Carreto was another Barcelona textile magnate and had been vice president of CF Barcelona under Augustín Montal i Galobart.

He took over as president of CF Barcelona on July 16th 1952 at a high point in the history of the club as the legendary Barça les 5 Copes side had won all five competitions the previous season.

Under Martí i Carreto the success continued with the side winning La Liga, La Copa and La Copa Eva Duarte in the 1952-53 season.

However, his presidency coincided with the Di Stéfano scandal and Martí i Carreto ended up resigning, as a result.

CF Barcelona had already paid a deposit to River, di Stéfano's owners, when Real Madrid came to an agreement with Millonarios de Bogotà, with whom di Stáfano was playing on loan.

Although FIFA had recognised the deal and di Stáfano was already training with Barcelona, the Federación Española, ender pressure from both the government and Real Madrid blocked the transfer.

The transfer was blocked for three months until the Delegación Nacional de Educación Física y Deportes ruled that it was illegal to sign foreign players.

However, Real Madrid didn't give and finally the sports authorities that Di Stéfano would play alternative seasons for Madrid and Barcelona.

Martí i Carreto initially agreed but in the light of heavy criticism was forced to resign on September 22nd 1953.

A few weeks later, CF Barcelona, now under the presidency of Francesc Miró-Sans, gave up all claims on di Stéfano and he was signed by Real Madrid.


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