Enric Reyna i Martínez

Interim FC Barcelona President in 2003

Born in Barcelona in 1937, building contractor Enric Reyna i Martínez succeeded Joan Gaspart as interim president of FC Barcelona on February 12th 2003 and occupied the position until May.

Reyna joined the board of directors when Joan Gaspart became president in the year 2000 and was made vice president of the club in 2002 so was the obvious choice to occupy the presidency when Gaspart resigned.

Little is remembered of the Reyna presidency apart from a name in the list of former presidents, although he did his best to stay in the job.

The team was through to the quarter finals of the Champions League and Reyna even tried to sign player for the following season.

However, when the team was knocked out of the Champions League an Extraordinary Assembly was called on May 5th and Reyna and the whole of the board handed in their resignation.

Control of the club was handed over to a Management Committee headed by Joan Trayter, who organised elections for June 15th.


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