Esteve Sala i Canyadell

FC Barcelona President 1934-35

Esteve Sala i Canyadell became FC Barcelona's 20th president on July 16th 1934 at a particularly difficult time for the club both in financial and sporting terms.

At the assembly to find a replacement for Joan Coma i Sarasols, the position had actually been offered to Josep Sunyol, who succeeded Sala in 1935, but Sunyol had turned down the presidency at the turned alleging work commitments and health problems.

To solve the sporting problems, Sala signed Plattko as coach along with two foreign players, the Hungarian Berkessy and the Uruguayan Fernández, as well as two Catalans, Raich and Escolà.

As a result, FC Barcelona won the Campionat de Catalunya.

Esteve Sala was the first president to include a women on the board, Anna Maria Martínez Sagi.

He was also owner of the Hotel Orient on La Rambla and apparently, he was such an admirer of Josep Samitier that he allowed him to stay at the hotel free of charge with all meals on the house as well.

After a year in office, Sala decided not to stand for the presidency again for personal reasons and at the assembly of July 25th 1935, Josep Sunyol was elected to succeed him. 


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