Eugeni d'Ors

Writer, Philosopher and Ideologue of Noucentisme

Eugeni d'Ors was born in Barcelona on September 28th 1881 and died in Vilanova i la Geltrú on September 25th 1954.

He began his career as a journalist in 1906 writing the "Glosari" under the name of Xènius for the newspaper La Veu de Catalunya.

The column was incredibly influential in popularising the ideas behind the Noucentisme that would replace Modernisme as the dominant intellectual movement in early 20th century Catalonia and D'Ors would continue writing for La Veu de Catalunya until 1921.

In 1911 he was named secretary general of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans and in 1915 he founded the Escola de Bibliotecàries, where he taught until 1920.

In 1917, D'Ors was named head of Public Education in the Mancomunitat de Catalunya but after Enric Prat de la Riba's death the same year, his relationship with Josep Puig i Cadafalch was poor and in 1920 he was removed from his public positions.

This led him to moving to Madrid in 1926 where he would continue writing but now in Spanish and would become one of the most prominent intellectuals under the Franco regime.

His association with Francoism has tarnished his reputation amongst Catalans but the importance of his early works on turn of the century Catalan culture, in particular the Glosari and the novel La Ben Plantada, cannot be underestimated.


Works in Catalan

La fi d'Isidre Nonell, 1902
La lliçó de tedi en el parc, Quaderns Crema, 1993
La curiositat, Quaderns Crema, 2009

Papers anteriors al Glosari, Quaderns Crema, 1994
Glosari 1906-1907, Quaderns Crema, 1998
Glosari 1908-1909, Quaderns Crema, 2001
Glosari 1910-1911, Quaderns Crema, 2003
Glosari 1915, Quaderns Crema, 1990
Glosari 1916, Quaderns Crema, 1992
Glosari 1917, Quaderns Crema, 1991
Gloses de quaresma, 1911
La Ben Plantada, 1911; Quaderns Crema, 2004
Glosari 1912-1913-1914, Quaderns Crema, 2005
Gualba, la de mil veus, 1915; Quaderns Crema, 2012
Oceanografia del tedi, 1918
La vall de Josafat, 1918; Quaderns Crema, 1987
Gloses de la vaga, 1919
Lletres a Tina, Quaderns Crema, 1993

Works in Spanish

Tres horas en el Museo del Prado. Itinerario estético, 1922
Una primera lección de filosofía, "La Lectura", 1926
Introducción a la vida angélica. Cartas a una soledad, 1939
Gnómica. Colección "Euro", 1941
El secreto de la filosofía, 1947
La verdadera historia de Lidia de Cadaqués, 1954, una mena de rectificació de La ben plantada
Cincuenta años de pintura catalana, Quaderns Crema, 2002
Pablo Picasso, Acantilado, 2001
Cézanne, Acantilado, 1999
Diccionario Filosófico Portátil, Criterio Libros, 1999. (Recull de la continuació castellana del Glosari al diari argentí Criterio).

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