The Events of Cu-Cut!

November 25th 1905

The events of Cu-Cut! took place on November 25th 1905 when a group of Spanish soldiers attacked the offices of the satirical magazine Cu-Cut!, which it shared with La Veu de Catalunya, in retaliation for a cartoon.

Previous to the attack, the Spanish armed forces had been frequently lampooned by the magazine for its inefficiency particularly since the loss of Cuba in 1898.

The actually wording of the cartoon was "A: Que se celebra aqui que hay tanta gente? B: El Banquet de la Victoria A: De la victoria? Ah, vaya, serán paysanos.", which translates as "A: What's being celebrated here? B: The Victory Banquet A: Victory? They must be civilians then."

The victory referred was the victory of the Catalanist political party Lliga Regionalista, who'd done very well in recent elections, and the butt of the joke was obviously the army, which had failed to win any victories for nearly a decade.

This relatively mild joke provoked 300 soldiers from the barracks in Barcelona to attack and set fire to the offices of Cu-Cut!, which were housed in the publisher and bookshop Bagunyà on Carrer Avinyó and were also the offices of pro-Catalan newspaper La Veu de Catalunya and the also satirical magazine En Patufet.

After the attack, the government suspended the publication and another issue wasn't published until April the following year.

In order to avoid a crisis, the government of Montero Ríos initially planned to punish the Spanish soldiers but this was opposed by King Alfonso XIII and he was replaced by Segismundo Moret, who suspended all constitutional guarantees in Barcelona, which effectively meant martial law, and introduced the draconian Ley de Jurisdicciones or Law of Jurisdictions, which would favour the military in all future conflicts with civilians.

The events of Cu-Cut! and the Law of Jurisdictions stimulated a rare moment of unity amongst the Catalanist right and left and the creation of the coalition Solidaritat Catalana, which went on to win the elections on July 21st 1907.


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